Kuala Lumpur – or KL as it’s known to the locals – is home to some of the world’s most stunning modern skyscrapers, colonial architecture, ancient natural wonders – and of course, drool-worthy eats!

Each of the city’s districts offers a unique experience and the locals are among the most welcoming you’ll find in any city across the globe. If you get the chance to visit or stop over for a couple of days, jump on it. You won’t regret it!

So if you’re planning a trip to the Malaysian capital, here are 10 things to See, Eat & Do…

Things to See in Kuala Lumpur…

Petronas Twin Towers

An attraction you literally cannot miss! Petronas Twin Towers stand 88-storeys high and are joined at the 41st and 42nd floors, some 175m above street level, by a 58 metre-long, double-decker Sky Bridge. This makes for a fab photo opp J

Although no longer the world’s tallest building, the towers still have the honour of being the world’s largest double structure. Inside you’ll find some great shopping and restaurants in the mall, and be sure to buy tickets to check out the breath-taking view from the top.

It’s also worth taking time to enjoy the park and lake behind the towers once the mall has been thoroughly explored.

Batu Caves

One of the region’s most popular tourist attractions, Batu Caves are made up of three major caverns, alongside several smaller ones. Set across a series of 400-million-year-old limestone formations, Cathedral Cave is the largest and most popular of the caverns with its century-old temple hosting a variety of Hindu shrines within its 100-metre arched ceiling. Definitely a cool experience.

Things to Eat See Do in Kuala Lumpur

Menara KL Tower

Menara KL is another of Kuala Lumpur’s striking skyscrapers and, sitting atop Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill) Forest Reserve at a height of 421 metres, it beats even the Petronas Twin Towers when it comes to having the highest and most outstanding views of the city.

While the view during the day is great, in order to take in the most spectacular views of the city’s night-time illuminations, consider booking a table at its revolving restaurant for dinner and enjoying the night views. Pure wow!

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building is one of the oldest examples of Kuala Lumpur’s Moorish-style architecture (a variation of Islamic architecture, containing many motifs or repeated patterns).

Built in 1897, it is now one of a cluster of late-19th and early-20th century buildings that make up Kuala Lumpur’s Colonial Core and serve as a reminder of the city’s past, in stark contrast to the ultra-modern Menara KL and Petronas Twin Towers.

Things to Eat in Kuala Lumpur…

Here’s what you really want to know about, am I right?

Nasi Dagang

Nasi dagang is a Malaysian and Southern Thai dish that is traditionally eaten at breakfast time. Ingredients typically include fish curry, and rice steamed in coconut milk, but may also feature extra ingredients such as fried shaved coconut, hard-boiled eggs and vegetable pickles. One of the region’s finest rice dishes, you’ll find it all over town, so you’ve got no excuse not to try it at least once!

Sup Kambing

Sup Kambing – aka Sop Kambing – is a traditional Malaysian and Indonesian mutton soup, prepared with goat meat, tomato celery, spring onion, ginger, and lime leaf. Its broth is yellowish in colour and is guaranteed to be the best comfort food Kuala Lumpur has to offer.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then traditional Malaysian Kuih is an absolute must. Pronounced ‘kway’, these colourful and sweet (though there are savoury options) bite-sized, baked or steamed desserts will have you going back for more, ideally washed down with a sweet milky coffee!

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur…

Spend a day at Sunway Lagoon theme park

A day of thrill rides and waterslides might not be what you expect from a trip to Kuala Lumpur, but Sunway Lagoon is well worth a visit.

Set across 80 acres, and sitting about 15km outside of the city, Sunway Lagoon houses a Scream Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park and a Water Park that boasts the world’s largest man-made surf beach. I thought that might get your attention!

Eat from the hawker stalls at Jalan Alor at Bukit Bintang

No trip to the East is complete without trying the street food, and Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden District is a road well-known for its array of mouth-watering local cuisine.

The hawker stalls serve local recipes that include fish, barbecued meat, and noodles – dishes that are not only among the best and most inexpensive in the city, but won’t even be found in most of the city’s high-end restaurants.

And one last thing to do in KL…

Go shopping at Central Market

The city’s century-old Central Market is a Malaysian landmark and heritage site – think London’s Covent Garden or San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf – and provides a focus for the city’s artistic community.

Once inside the art-deco style building, you’ll be met by a warren of boutiques, handicraft and souvenir stalls, where traders sell local wares, including authentic Malaysian batik prints and more. Here’s where to get your souvenirs, either for loved ones back home or for yourself to remember that fab trip to KL you once took…



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