Taiwan is foodie paradise; no matter what kind of food you’re into. The Taiwanese don’t eat to live, they LIVE to EAT and nowhere is this more apparent than on Instagram!

PSST! The DOKO app allows foodies and food bloggers to take their social media habit one step further by creating Zines on their top eats and drinks – if Instagram makes you drool then DOKO will make you positively foam at the mouth.

Until DOKO launches though (we’re just weeks away – sign up now to be one of the first to use it!), check out these top 10 Taiwan-based foodies and their top 9 Instagram posts of 2016.

In no particular order, here we go… (I hope you’re not too hungry ;p).


Why we <3 it: Joan has been hungry in Taipei for well over a decade over on her blog and she’s quickly racked up a huge following on Insta thanks to her diverse tastes. From local street eats to gourmet Western spots, HIT doesn’t discriminate by price or what’s pretty: good food is good food.


Why we <3 it: Melody & Melanie are on a mission to intro us to Taipei hot spots with thorough reviews of the food and eating experience in both Mandarin & English.


Why we <3 it: If you want to know where’s hot to eat right now, TaipeiFoodie is your gal. Plus, the photography is on point! Pretty pictures and broadening food horizons are a win in our book.


Why we <3 it: Regina calls herself a ‘Taipei food guide’ and we can see why – she features in depth info on each place she posts about including opening times and what she recommends you order. Mostly in Mandarin but the pretty pictures speak for themselves.


Why we <3 it: 4 girls in 3 places (Taipei, Tokyo, LA) on a mission to make us all starving. Each place they post about gets a rating for taste, service, environment and more – very useful if you’re looking for a place to meet friends or impress a first date.


Why we <3 it: A nice lengthy write up to accompany each picture. As you can see from the above, TW features a lot of Matcha – which we can always get on board with!


Why we <3 it: Leaning towards the salty / savoury side, TaipeiFoodYum features lots of traditional and hearty Asian meals as opposed to what’s trendy, that’s fine with us because traditional is always in style!


Why we <3 it: Just look at the lovely pictures! Also featuring lots of drinks. You’ll definitely be craving boba after looking over this feed…


Why we <3 it: Lots of variety and write ups of new food trends and good eats across Taipei city and elsewhere.


Why we <3 it: Who knew Taipei’s MRT stations had so much good food to offer? Of course they do – there is good food everywhere in this city! A fun account to follow, especially if you take public transport in TPE – why not go on a food crawl?!


Did we miss any must follow Instagram accounts? Leave a comment & let us know! And don’t forget to follow DOKO’s food posts in Taiwan under the hashtag #DokoinTaiwan.

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