Hi! 8 weeks ago we had the pleasure of launching the DOKO app in one of favourite places, Taiwan!
DOKO launches in Taiwan!

Since then we've been hosting an event each month ("Brunch with DOKO") so that local DOKO users can meet up, eat, chat – and of course – make Zines 🙂

Each one has been hosted by the lovely and talented Leslie Liu, of Taipei Foodie.

We've run a few now and all of them have been a blast! Here are some pictures from our recent event at the W Hotel in Taipei, all told through DOKO Zines, naturally…

Tip: Flick through the Zines below by using the Left & Right arrows.

Zine by: Liesl & Tieneke of astylealike.com

Zine by Leslie Liu of  TaipeiFoodie.com 

Zine by Amyif Chung

DOKO: Available for global download now

As of this week the DOKO app is now available in app stores all over the world, so we'll be launching more in-person events in various cities. Watch this space! And let us know if you'd like to be a DOKO host in your city here.

DOKO is a social media app where you can share your life with others through easy-to-create Zines. Or, you can use it to find out what’s trending near you by reading other users' Zines in your area!

Ready to create your first Zine? Let’s do it! >>>


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